Radical Thinking on Trusting Data Security

We don’t ask you to “trust us”, as the online cliché would have it. Strange as it may seem, when you first become an eWill user, we suggest that you don’t trust us.

Why? Because, regardless of anyone trying to convince you otherwise, the reality is that when you store data on the Cloud, you should start with the assumption that no online platform is absolutely 100% secure.

This is a radical suggestion on our part, and it may not initially be in our best interests to make it. We offer it because it is in your best interests to heed it. If this results in a better outcome for you, even if it’s just for your peace of mind, then ultimately it will also be a better outcome for us.

That is not to say we are not fully confident in the complete security of our blockchain-secured platform and advanced encryption functionality. We have used the latest technology and most rigorous procedures to ensure that your eWill portfolio is protected by impenetrable security – to a level of encryption that is above the standard of international banks. We provide ultimate security for your data and we keep it private permanently.  We do not share, sell or participate in any information exchange program.  We consider ownership of your personal data to be your human right, and protecting it to be a fundamental part of our mission. Read more about our Privacy Policy here. 

Thinking radically, however, we suggest that as a user new to eWill you should not accept our firmly-held belief that our system cannot be compromised. (As you know, there are plenty of examples of data breaches at all of the  global corporations that  hold your data online, and at most government institutions that do the same - despite them all claiming their systems are impregnable.) So we recommend that you take advantage of our enhanced encryption functionality to give you total reassurance that your digital assets are completely safe.

Encryption Option to take Security to the Highest Level

Built-in to the eWill system is advanced encryption/decryption functionality. This option provides you with triple-factor security and enables you to be absolutely sure that your digital assets are fully protected.

Here is how it works:
1)    You create your portfolio of eWills, one for each specific asset-beneficiary.
2)    You select the Encryption option.
3)    You set a specific password (this is now your decryption key) and the eWill file is encrypted.
4)    You now have 3 download options:
a)    download the encrypted file, and leave the password/decryption key on the system in your account;
b)    download the decryption key, and leave the encrypted file on the system in your account;
c)    download both the encrypted file and the decryption key. Now no record of this eWill remains on the system other than the file name and number (which are needed when you – or your beneficiary - upload the file for decryption).
5)     If you have chosen to download both file and key, the encrypted file is typically given to the designated beneficiary and the decryption key is typically held by you or given to a trusted third party (you can think of this person as your “executor”).
If you have chosen to download just the encrypted file, and stored the decryption key on the system, the encrypted file is typically given to the beneficiary, and the eWill platform, holding the decryption key, fulfils the role of executor.
6)    The eWill and the underlying assets can only be accessed when the encrypted file and the decryption key are uploaded together to your eWill account, which of course requires your User ID and password to sign in. This gives you impenetrable triple-factor security.
7)    The eWill file can be decrypted only by you – for editing and updating – or, once you have passed away, by your beneficiary. (Please note: obviously, once it has been downloaded and deleted from the system, it is no longer possible to make edits or updates to that specific eWill. However, it takes just a few minutes to re-create a new eWill with the updated information – at no extra cost.)

This triple-factor security means that the files holding your digital assets are impenetrable. No person or third-party organisation can access your assets other than your beneficiaries, and then not until they are in possession of (1) the encrypted file; (2) its associated decryption key; and then (3) your encrypted asset files can only be read and downloaded from the eWill platform when we have verified confirmation of your passing.

Typically, your beneficiary will hold the encrypted asset-file, and we will hold the decryption key; so neither they nor we can access the file, which anyway can only be decrypted on the eWill platform using our servers and algorithms. (If you have chosen to leave the decryption key on the system, we release it only after receiving verified confirmation of your death.) When you download the file and the key no record of them remains on the platform. Our encryption/decryption standard is above the level used by the international banks; the file encryption is randomly generated in a one-off occurrence. We can’t recreate this occurrence, so we can’t replicate the file encryption– and neither can anyone else. For this reason, please ensure that your eWill downloads – files and/or keys - are stored securely, with you and/or your beneficiaries.

You may of course choose not to encrypt a non-sensitive eWill, like a family blog or photo album, but for any sensitive or high-value asset, you should take advantage of the enhanced encryption functionality. Also, by downloading the encrypted file and passing it to your beneficiary, you are taking the second step in the digital inheritance process (the first step being the creation of your eWill portfolio).

As a final measure, you can choose to delete all records of your eWills or descriptions of the underlying assets held on the eWill system either when the eWills are downloaded by you at the encryption stage, or after we have executed your instructions and released your decrypted eWills to your beneficiaries at the transfer/inheritance stage. This guarantees complete privacy permanently about the distribution of your assets and the beneficiaries who received them

"What we don’t know, we can’t tell."

We don’t need to know your address, your age, your nationality or any other personal data, unless this information is specifically required for the release and distribution of your assets. For digital assets, most often it is not. eWill is designed to keep the collection of your data to the absolute minimum – and you get full control over what you want to disclose. Our strict Privacy Policy is that we will never share your data with anyone, but actually, if we don’t need the information to carry out the instructions in your eWills, we’d prefer not to hold your data at all.

 "What we don’t know, we can’t tell": extra reassurance for you that your personal data cannot be compromised.

You can use an online identity

We don’t even need to know your real name – you can operate your eWill account under an existing online identity, or even one you create specifically to manage your digital inheritance plan.

The security of your personal data is paramount, and we recommend that you do not provide any information unless it is specifically required for the release and distribution of your assets. The eWill system is designed so that it will not ask you for superfluous information. For each specific Service option you choose, you have to make a conscious decision to opt-in to provide any relevant additional data.

The eWill platform was built to provide absolute security for your digital assets; permanent privacy for your personal data.

Your eWill portfolio is impenetrable. Your digital assets are absolutely secure.
Your legacy is assured. Your data is private, permanently.