eWill was founded to address the real market need for a cost-efficient, online solution that enables the smooth, swift and secure distribution of access to digital assets to your designated beneficiaries after your death. We want to make sure your precious assets don't become "lossets". We provide the asset-beneficiary transfer process for free because we believe that in the Internet Age having access to a fully-secure digital inheritance system is not just a market need, it’s a human right. So, unless you opt for enhanced services or additional storage, the asset-beneficiary delivery system is available to you at zero cost.

We Don't Want To Inherit Your Assets

eWill does not need to hold the passwords to your assets or your personal data. So we don't have the inherent conflict of interest of those digital service-providers or banks which benefit greatly from you failing to pass on your digital assets when you’ve gone. Conflict because, unfortunately and very unfairly, if you don’t make proper provisions for their transfer, in many cases the digital service-provider or bank inherits them. In contrast, at eWill we don't want to hold your digital assets or passwords. We just provide the the platform for the access instructions contained in the eWills, and the efficient distribution mechanism of the instructions for when it is time to transfer them to your beneficiaries.

But We Do want To Protect Them

We use an advanced encryption/decryption system on a blockchain-secured platform, and the platform runs on servers that have multiple-back-ups on different continents.  Our encryption/decryption standard is above the level used by the international banks; each file encryption is randomly generated in a one-off occurrence. We can’t recreate this occurrence, so we can’t replicate the file encryption – and neither can anyone else. For this reason, please ensure that your eWill downloads – files and/or passwords - are stored securely, with you and/or your beneficiaries.
eWill was designed to be the safest and most efficient way for you to build, store and ultimately transfer your digital legacy. Your present for the future.  

Your Financial Assets

There is a  growing need for a secure and cost-efficient mechanism to deliver access to your financial digital assets to your beneficiaries immediately after you  die. There is a real risk that your highly valuable digital assets get “lost in transit”. Whether it's a digital wallet, an online account, a domain name, a website, or even a simple email account, it is essential that your loved ones, or your business partners, have immediate access to these time-critical assets. Most digital assets are stored in the servers of the giant global data corporations in offshore jurisdictions, and attempting to transfer them by any traditional inheritance process will either not work in time, or not work at all. eWill was developed  to ensure that during your life access to your precious assets is stored with absolute security, and that after your death the access instructions are distributed smoothly, swiftly and securely to your designated beneficiaries.

Your Social Assets

Then we saw that there was another huge and critical need in the market. Increasingly, we hold the cherished memories of our lives in our social media accounts – our treasured photos, our family videos, our love letters, our favourite songs.  But again, there was no simple, safe and affordable mechanism to transfer this online treasure to our families after we’ve gone. The all-too-common reality is that when we die our life histories die with us, and our loved ones lose the legacy of our lifetime. Thus, eWill was built to facilitate the distribution, after your death, of this lifetime wealth by transferring your social digital assets smoothly, swiftly and securely to your chosen family members. This way, you may have gone, but you’ll forever remain in the hearts and minds of your loved ones.

Meeting Two Vital Market Needs

In summary, the eWill platform meets two vital market needs:

1) it enables you to pass on the financial wealth in your digital assets to your beneficiaries; and,

2) by transferring your social accounts to your loved ones, your lifetime history and achievements become your lasting legacy for your family.

eWill does this with ultra-security, and complete privacy, giving you the option to delete all records from our system when you exit it.

And it does so with remarkable flexibility and cost-effectiveness. An eWill account holder is able to create a portfolio of multiple eWills, one for each asset-beneficiary, and update them at any time for free. Your eWill account can hold a portfolio of multiple eWills, as many as you want, but at zero cost unless you opt for enhanced services or additional storage.

eWill – a Commercial Venture with Good Intentions

We recognise the huge benefit to families if they’re able to preserve the memories of the dearly-departed by accessing their online accounts and inheriting their social assets. We think having access to a digital inheritance system is a human right. So we gladly welcome everyone to use the eWill platform for free to store their cherished memories and final goodwill messages for family and friends to be delivered after their lives are over.
We are pleased to help brighten the lives of the loved ones you leave behind, because by doing so we brighten our own lives.

Equally, we are providing a professional, commercial service, so we hope that over time more users will see the real benefits of upgrading their eWill  portfolio with our enhanced service options and additional storage.

eWill is the safest, most efficient and most affordable solution for distributing the assets in your digital inheritance plan.

Your eWill portfolio is impenetrable. Your digital assets are absolutely secure. Your legacy is assured. Your data is private, permanently.

eWill: Your present for the future.