Why You Need an eWill

1) For Immediate Access to Time-Critical Digital Accounts.  

Access to your social media or mobile phone might be the only way that your loved ones can contact your friends and partners after you’ve gone. Immediate access to accounts such as your company email or website will be essential for anyone who takes over the running of your business after your death.

2) So your Digital Assets don't become Digital "Lossets".

A surprising number of valuable digital assets get "lost in transit" when someone dies. The traditional 5 month will-and-probate system often does not work fast enough to protect assets from expiry. If there is a delay or a dispute, the local legal system has no authority in the offshore jurisdictions where digital assets are typically held. So the assets often end up in the hands of the platform-owner/service-provider, and not with your designated beneficiaries.

3) Because, for the Asset-Beneficiary Inheritance System, it's Free

eWill is a blockchain-secured online electronic will-and-inheritance system that is designed specifically for digital assets, in the same way that the traditional will was designed for physical assets. It enables you to leave messages and instructions for your beneficiaries on how to access your digital assets - your email and social media accounts, your websites and domain names, your online accounts and digital wallets. It does this without asking you for passwords or personal data. Moreover, we believe that having access to a fully-secure digital inheritance system in the Internet Age is not just a market need – it’s a human right. So, unless you opt for enhanced services or additional storage, we provide the asset-beneficiary delivery system to users at zero cost. eWill also delivers your final messages and instructions as a free service.

eWill is the smart, simple solution that ensures your digital assets do not become digital lossets, but instead are transferred smoothly, swiftly and securely to your loved ones after your death.

Your present for the future.