eWill Services (Free)

Start to build your portfolios of eWills here,
for free.
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Start to build your portfolios of eWills here, for free. Begin by naming your Beneficiaries, then start to add in your Assets, assigning each Asset to a Beneficiary. The eWill system is designed to make it easy for you to create - at zero cost – a separate eWill for each Asset-Beneficiary. These days it’s not unusual for people to have 30 or 40 digital assets associated with their online identity. The eWill platform enables you build a digital inheritance plan to ensure this increasing collection of assets will reach your designated beneficiaries swiftly, smoothly and securely.

Create as many eWills as you like, update them as often as you wish. You pay fees only if you decide you want enhanced services or additional storage.

eWill enables you to leave a personal message for each of your loved ones.
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eWill enables you to leave a personal message to each of your nearest and dearest, to be delivered after you have passed.  Compose and store these important last messages on eWill now, then update them  any time in the future - and at no cost.

Send your good wishes on the birthdays of your family and close friends. This year, next year and the year after that.
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Send your good wishes on the birthdays of your family and close friends. This year, next year, and the year after that.

They'll be thinking of you on their special day, and missing you. Now you have the opportunity to speak to them after you've gone. Create special messages for each of your loved ones.  Record and save the messages now, then update them at any time in the future. Store them securely with eWill for automated future delivery after you’ve gone.

Send goodwill messages to friends and family for their Special Anniversaries.
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Inevitably the year will come when you're no longer around to join family and friends in celebrating their special anniversaries - 21st birthdays, Golden Weddings, the day they founded their own company.  Don't break with tradition: create your personalised goodwill messages - text, photos, or videos - and store them securely with future distribution instructions on eWill. Alter them or add to them whenever you choose, at no cost (unless you're adding large files, like HD video). Leave your loved ones a special message on their Anniversary Day.  Your present for the future.

Last words of personal and professional advice to family members, friends, colleagues.
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Everyday we pass on the wisdom we've accumulated over a lifetime in the form of advice we give to our children, employees, business partners and friends. But the greatest impact that we can have on our loved ones comes with the final words of advice we leave behind for them. Compose and store your last words of wisdom on eWill in text or video; update your messages at any time in the future, as often as you like, at no cost.

Create a Public Page with your good-byes, last wishes, and final words of advice to the world.

How it Works

Register or Sign in
Sign in to your existing eWill account, or create a new account to add eWills for Free.
Add Beneficiaries
Every eWill contains the beneficiaries and the assets you are leaving for them. Here you list one or more beneficiaries. You list the assets for them in the next step. After you have finished this eWill, you can create a new eWill for new beneficiaries (Free).
Add Assets to this eWill
Select the Assets you want to leave to the beneficiaries that you have listed. You can leave multiple assets in the same eWill.
Set Message and Add Files
Here you can write a message, and add documents and files as attachments, that the beneficiary will get with the eWill. This would typically consist of instructions to the beneficiary on accessing the digital asset and retrieving the associated password. We don't hold the passwords: we simply store then send out instructions on how to retrieve them.
Of course you can keep unencrypted files on the system, so you can easily view and edit them at anytime. However, we recommend you encrypt the files for ultra-security. (Note: if you want to edit the files you'll need to make a new eWill from scratch.) An encrypted eWill can be saved in the system or can be downloaded so you can give it to the beneficiary without saving it on the system. The beneficiary will be able to decrypt the file and view the content only after we have verified your death. However, if you do not save the file in the system and your beneficiary loses it, there is no way we can recover it - so it will be lost forever.
Here you set how we verify your death before we release the instructions to give your beneficiaries access to your assets. It is essential that we do NOT release your assets before you die. It is equally essential that we release your assets IMMEDIATELY after you die. The default Verification procedure, which is free, is by a periodic, automated check on your status via email and your social media. We release the eWill instructions if there is zero response for 30 days from all of your communication channels. The safer and faster Verification procedure is not free (it costs USD 100, one time for all your eWills). This allows you to appoint up to 3 Verifiers who we will contact in person to confirm your death. This enhanced Verification is triggered if we do not get a response from the automated self-checking, or if one of your trusted Verifiers informs us that you have died. To avoid conflict of interest, we recommend that your Verifers are not also your beneficiaries.
Sign your eWill and add your video to confirm it. Optionally, you may choose to have it witnessed so it stands as a physical will also.
Choose Optional Add-ons
Here you can add enhanced services and additional storage (paid) if you want.
Your eWill is created! The system will automatically release your assets to your beneficiaries after we have verified confirmation of your death.
Add another eWill
Create a new eWill at no extra cost, or go to your Dashboard to review and edit your existing eWills.