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After opening your account, you start a simple, step-by-step process of adding beneficiaries, and then allocating assets be transferred to each of them in accordance with your final instructions – but of course only after we have received verified confirmation of your death. This way you can gradually build up your portfolio of eWills – typically one for every asset or group of assets that you intend to leave as a legacy to each individual beneficiary. There is no charge for creating an eWill: in fact there is no charge for creating an unlimited number of eWills, until you start to add-on enhanced services or extra storage. Once you have created and saved your portfolio of eWills, you can return at any time, and edit and update any or all of them without further charge. We charge fees only for the enhanced services, extra storage and special options that you select, but many eWill users simply do not need them. We are happy to provide, as a free service, a package of eWills which will handle the basic digital inheritance needs of just about everyone.
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