Permanent Data Privacy

eWill is diametrically opposite to the traditional physical will which, once it’s filed for probate, becomes an item of public court record. In contrast, your eWill remains private forever, with each of your beneficiaries receiving only the data that you have left specifically for them.

Legally, your eWill is private. eWill’s Privacy Policy is fully in keeping with the letter and the spirit of the European Union’s GDPR regulations, which protect the privacy and security of each citizen’s personal data.
Contractually, of course, we cannot disclose the contents of your eWills or any information about your digital assets to anyone other than your designated beneficiaries. (Unless you have specifically instructed us to make part or all of your eWills accessible to a wider audience, like, for example, a charitable donation.)
Technically, we have made sure we are not in a position to do so. The triple-factor security on your encrypted and downloaded files means that neither we nor any third party organisation can access the content of your eWills. As do not have access to this content, we don't know about the underlying assets, so we cannot disclose anything about them.
Finally, when you download an eWill off the system, this guarantees you complete privacy forever about your eWill, the underlying assets within, and the designated beneficiaries. We keep no record of the contents of deleted eWills other than the file name and number which are needed for decryption by your beneficiaries after we have verified confirmation of your death.    

Thus, your legacy digital assets remain absolutely secure, and completely private, forever.  Likewise, the distribution of individual assets to the designated beneficiary remains private, known only to that individual. Under this ultra-secure system, eWill does not have access to your assets. We do not even know what assets are in your legacy portfolio. Furthermore, if you have chosen to mask the IDs of your beneficiaries, we will not even know who they are. All we have is the addresses supplied by you to enable us to deliver the access codes/asset files in accordance with your instructions.

These ultimate security precautions have another benefit for eWill users. What we don’t know we can’t tell.  Thus, even if subject to a legitimate court order from the relevant authorities, we can’t reveal what is or was in your assets. Nor, if you have masked your list of beneficiaries, to whom you left those assets.

Your portfolio of encrypted eWills is impenetrable. Your digital assets are absolutely secure. Your legacy is assured. Your data is private, permanently.

“What goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet.”