Enhanced Encryption for Ultimate Security

Built-in to the eWill platform is the option for ultimate security: the integrated encryption/decryption functionality. This option provides you with triple-factor security and enables you to be absolutely sure that your digital assets are fully protected.

Integrated into the eWill system is the option for advanced encryption/decryption, so you can make sure that your digital assets are absolutely safe and secure. You can encrypt your eWills, then download the encrypted files so that none of the content in the eWills remains on the system. The content of each specific eWill can be read only when it is decrypted on the system, by uploading the encrypted file with its associated password.

This is called “triple-factor security”. In order to view the contents, the 3 factors required are 1) the encrypted file; 2) the password; and 3) decrypting the file on the eWill platform. Without all 3 factors, no person or third-party organisation – including eWill - can access your assets.

You can store the encrypted file yourself, or give it and the password to the designated beneficiary. Leaving the file and password with your beneficiary is the second step in the digital inheritance process (the first step being the creation of your eWill portfolio). But the third step - release of the eWill – does not happen until after your death. The system does not allow the beneficiary to decrypt the file on the eWill platform until we have been able to verify your death. If you choose to give the encrypted file to your beneficiary, make sure they understand that if they lose the file, we can’t replace it. Once the eWill has been downloaded off the system, we have no way to recover it. (However, if you should happen to lose it, you can create a new eWill to replace the one that’s been lost in a matter of minutes, at no cost.)

You may of course choose not to encrypt non-sensitive eWills, like travel blogs, family videos or photo albums. The advantage of this is simplicity: you can return to an unencrypted eWill at any time and edit and update it. But for any sensitive or high-value asset, you should take advantage of the enhanced encryption functionality. Obviously you can’t update an encrypted eWill, but that is the trade-off between convenience and ultimate security. (If you want to make an update, you can simply create a new eWill in a few minutes.)

“What we don’t know, we can’t tell.”

As a final measure, you can choose to delete all the content in your eWills or descriptions of the underlying assets held on the eWill system after we have executed your instructions and released your decrypted eWills to your beneficiaries at the transfer/inheritance stage. This guarantees permanent data privacy about the distribution of your assets and the beneficiaries who received them.

The Encryption Event Cannot Be Replicated

The advanced encryption/decryption system is integrated into eWill's blockchain-secured platform, and the platform runs on servers that have multiple-back-ups on different continents.  Our encryption/decryption standard is above the level used by the international banks; each file encryption is randomly generated in a one-off occurrence. We can’t recreate this occurrence, so we can’t replicate the file encryption – and neither can anyone else. For this reason, please ensure that your eWill downloads – files and/or passwords - are stored securely, with you and/or your beneficiaries.

The eWill platform was built to ensure you have ultra-security for your digital assets, and permanent privacy for your personal data.

Your portfolio of encrypted eWills is impenetrable. Your digital assets are ultra-secure.
Your legacy transfer is assured. Your data is private, permanently.