What Does It Cost?

eWill Paid Options (the asset-transfer/message-delivery inheritance system is free).

All Account Users for Basic Asset-Beneficiary Transfer of eWills: Free 

We developed the eWill platform because we believe that in the Internet Age having access to a digital inheritance system is not just a market need – it’s a human right. So, unless you opt for enhanced services or additional storage, we provide the basic asset-beneficiary transfer/message-delivery package for free, including multiple eWills. Users pay nothing, unless they opt for additional services - like enhanced verification, witnessing, notarisation, or extra storage (for large files like HD videos, for example).

As a goodwill contribution, and to familiarise users with eWill, the free package gives the user an amount of secure storage which is adequate to store the basic access/asset files  before the transfer on death to family and beneficiaries - although it is not enough to accommodate  heavy-duty files like lengthy videos. That would require additional storage.

But the Basic Account includes the blockchain-secured digital vault to store your precious assets, and full functionality for the distribution of assets to your beneficiaries in accordance with your eWill instructions.

eWill Pricing Structure

Basic Account: Free       Registration/Opening: Free     Storage: limited, but free for lifetime

Enhanced Services and Additional Storage

Enhanced Services

Enhanced Verification: Appointment of Verifiers:           one-time fee                    USD 100
Clean-Up/Deleting Social Media Account:                      one-time fee                   USD 100
Notarisation (1 eWill) supplied by eWill:                           one-time fee                  USD 100
Court Registration (1 eWill): supplied by eWill                one-time fee                   USD 100
Video-Witnesses (2) supplied by eWill:                           one-time fee                   USD 100

Additional Storage

Storage (Additional):       10 GB                              one-off lifetime fee                   USD 100
Storage (Additional):       50 GB                             one-off lifetime fee                    USD 200
Storage (Additional):     100 GB                              one-off lifetime fee                   USD 300
Storage (Additional):     200 GB                             one-off lifetime fee                    USD 400