Your Digital Assets will Become Lossets

Unless you give access to the people you want to inherit them.
While you are alive, you naturally keep access to all your digital accounts private only to you. These accounts/assets might have priceless value after you’re gone, and there’s no reason to lose them to your greedy internet service providers. eWill enables you to manage the inheritance process that passes them directly and rapidly to your family and other beneficiaries, after confirmation of your death.

Some of these valuable assets, such as domain names, might expire automatically if instructions to transfer them are not given promptly to a beneficiary who can renew them in time. Some of them, such as company email or bank accounts, are also time-critical: to keep a business running without interruption, or to fund a family with the obvious immediate needs. The conventional inheritance process is not suitable for digital assets in the digital age, when timing is critically important. It is too cumbersome to handle time-sensitive assets, and is not effective at dealing with digital assets held by giant data corporations in offshore jurisdictions – where local legislation holds no sway. The eWill system is designed to deliver your instructions to give swift access to your digital assets  immediately after we receive verified confirmation of your death.

 Simply put, eWill ensures that the legacy you leave behind, in all its digital forms, is distributed in accordance with your instructions – smoothly, swiftly and securely - and that your family and beneficiaries inherit your wealth. Your present for their future.