Extending Your Life, Virtually

While technology is always focused on improving life style, eWill is focused on improving after-life style.

You can send out email messages to your loved ones after you have gone.

eWill has developed automated tools to make sure that you can control what happens after you’re gone. It allows you to automate actions and transfers of digital accounts, content, wishes and personal messages - after life. Some of these have significant monetary value, and some of them have priceless sentimental value. eWill makes sure they are not lost but protected and kept alive with your designated beneficiaries. And, unless you opt for enhanced services or additional storage, we provide the asset-beneficiary delivery system to users for free.

The harsh reality is that when our time is up, it’s up. The other reality is that, despite all the miracle solutions that claim to offer you a few extra years of life, once your body and mind have given up, you are done. 

However, with eWill there are many ways to extend your presence on this planet, even after you have moved off it.

The eWill platform is built in the virtual world, so it does not have an expiry date. It gives you an online vault for you to keep your history, your souvenirs, your memories of a lifetime, your future messages for the family, and to store them securely for eternity. It keeps your precious digital wealth safe and available to download to your inheritors at any time they choose.

This may sound like science fiction, but with eWill it is science fact right now. Effectively, it’s a way for you to extend your life, to preserve your legacy, and to remain part of your family for many years to come. Your present for the future.