We don't ask for your passwords.

So we don't have access to your Digital Assets.

eWill protects your data and assets with ultra-secure systems, but our procedures are also designed to give you absolute peace of mind.

We do not ask for your passwords

We do not ask for your passwords, so we cannot access your assets. All we hold is the instructions that you have set in the eWill for the beneficiaries, enabling them to access their relevant asset file and retrieve the associated password. These instructions are sent out to the beneficiaries only after we have verified confirmation of your death. So we don't even know what's in the file, or where the password is stored.

(Typically, eWill account-holders keep digital assets in their own secure storage or as encrypted files, and the passwords in separate secure storage. The instructions stored in eWill tell the beneficiary how to access the digital asset by matching file with password.)

The bottom line is that we do not have access to your digital assets. Our job is simply to deliver the instructions that give your beneficiaries access to those assets.

In the first stage, the eWill platform is for you to build a comprehensive digital inheritance plan covering multiple assets by allowing you to create one eWill for each asset-beneficiary - for free. In the second stage it is for you to store and maintain your portfolio of eWills with maximum convenience and security. In the final stage, it is to distribute the access instructions for your digital assets, along with any attached files or videos, after we have received verified confirmation of your death. At no stage of the process do we need to have access to your assets to accomplish this.

As an option, we also offer an advanced encryption system, with  downloading built-in, so you can remove encrypted files from the system and store them offline.  This is called “triple-factor security”. In order to view the contents, the 3 factors required are 1) the encrypted file; 2) the password; and 3) decrypting the file on the eWill platform. Without all 3 factors, no person or third-party organisation – including eWill - can access your assets.

We do not ask for your personal data

We don’t need to know your address, your age, your nationality or any other personal data, unless this information is specifically required for the release and distribution of your assets. For digital assets, most often it is not. eWill is designed to keep the collection of your data to the absolute minimum – and you get full control over what you want to disclose. Our strict Privacy Policy is that we will never share your data with anyone, but actually, if we don’t need the information to carry out the instructions in your eWills, we’d prefer not to hold your data at all.
 “What we don’t know, we can’t tell”: extra reassurance for you that your personal data cannot be compromised.

We don't even need to know your name: 
you can use an online identity

We don’t even need to know your real name – you can operate your eWill account under an existing online identity, or even one you create specifically to manage your digital inheritance plan.

The security of your personal data is paramount, and we recommend that you do not provide any information unless it is specifically required for the release and distribution of your assets. The eWill system is designed so that it will not ask you for superfluous information. For each specific service option you choose, you have to make a conscious decision to opt-in to provide any relevant additional data.

The eWill platform was built to ensure you have ultra-security for your digital assets, and permanent privacy for your personal data.

Your portfolio of encrypted eWills is impenetrable. Your digital assets are ultra-secure.
Your legacy transfer is assured. Your data is private, permanently.